How your Heart Works

Your heart’s job is to pump blood around the body which delivers oxygen and energy to your cells and to also help to recycle blood that contains carbon dioxide and other toxins. You could think of it like a big water treatment plant.  Fresh, clean blood pumps out to where it is needed, while the waste blood is directed back to be treated and re-energised.

The heart consists of four chambers where blood enters and leaves the heart. Fresh, oxygenated blood leaves the heart from the left side at great pressure via arteries. The blood that has delivered its oxygen returns more slowly to the right side of the heart via veins. It is then directed to the lungs where it picks up more oxygen before being sent back to the heart ready to be pumped out again by the arteries. It is a simple but very effective system.

My father suffered multiple heart attacks…I Think Red for my father.

Gerry Rantseli-Elsdon
Feb 2012