10 Great Reasons to Run

Getting adequate exercise is considered to be one of the best ways to maintain heart health. Running or jogging is an extremely popular form of exercise and, fortunately for those looking to prevent heart disease, there are many social running clubs and charity races in South Africa. This includes the SPAR Women’s 5km and 10km runs as well as the most famous running race of all, the Comrades Marathon.

1. Running is one of the cheapest forms of exercise. You only need a pair of running shoes, comfortable shorts and a T-shirt to get started.

2. Running makes you feel good; not only physically, but mentally as well.

3. Running is easy to learn. Most people have run at some point in their life so there is no steep learning curve involved. You can run your first 5km in five weeks.

4. Running is the quickest way to cardiovascular fitness. It’s easy to fit in a 30-minute workout. You get fitter faster by running regularly.

5. Running helps you to lose weight and tone muscles. The more you train and run, the more weight you will lose. Also by toning up, you are getting rid of the excess fat and converting it to muscle.

6. Running is one of the most flexible methods of training for busy people. Wherever you are in the world it is nearly always possible to get out for a run. You can jog, steady run or sprint depending on your fitness level and how you feel that particular day.

7. Running is excellent for reducing stress levels. There is nothing better than a run to clear your head and improve focus. If you have a tricky decision to make – go for a run. You may just find the answers you are looking for.

8. Running is good for your heart. It not only strengthens the heart but also reduces your resting heart-rate which in turn aids in preventing heart diseases.

9. Running is accessible to all. As long as you are physically able, you can go for a run virtually anytime and anywhere. There are no barriers to running.

10. Running is for people of all ages. Old or young, everyone can benefit from running.

NB: Always speak to your doctor before embarking on any fitness programme.

Source: http://www.runnersworld.co.za/motivation/10-best-reasons-to-run-2/

I Think Red because I found out the facts about heart disease.

Kerishnie Naiker
Feb 2012